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sachet packing machine

1.High quality design, high efficiency, low wastage
2.Perfect packaging outlook, plenty pack solution experience
3.Easy operation with high automatic control
4.Full safety consideration & protection
5.High integration with PLC control and HMI
6.High speed, precise and environment protective packing
Filling Range:
  • HP
  • liquid, powder, granule
  • automatic
  • piston, auger, cup
  • servo motor
  • stable, top configuration
  • 0-100ml
  • 1%
sachet pack pack for
liquid: shampoo, cosmetic, lotion, hand gel
powder: coffee, medicine
granule: sugar salt
Typitcal Packaging Application:
-high production of sachet
-connect with vffs packer for huge quanities package
-connect with carton packer for big box package


1. High quality design, high efficiency, low wastage
2. Perfect packaging outlook, plenty pack solution experience
3. Easy operation with high automatic control
4. Full safety consideration & protection
5. High integration with PLC control and HMI
6. High speed, precise and environment protective packing

Model HP130 HP180 HP180T HP360-4
Sachet Type 3&4Side Seal
Sachet Size W45-65mm, 
Max Volume 25ml 360ml 100ml 60ml
Max Speed 60*2ppm 60ppm 60*2ppm 280sachets/minute
Filling Station 1 2 2 4
Total Power 3Kw 5Kw 5Kw 15Kw
Voltage 3phase, 380v, 50hz 3phase, 380v, 50hz 3phase, 380v, 50hz 3phase, 380v, 50hz
Air Pressure 0.6Mpa 0.6Mpa 0.6Mpa 0.6Mpa
Air Consumption 100L/min 200L/min 200L/min 800L/min
Machine Weight 300kg 1500kg 1500kg 5000kg
Machine Size 2060X750X1260mm 3800X10800X1450mm 3800X10800X1450mm 6840X1080X1450mm

sachet sample 2.jpg
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