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InkJet Coders

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An InkJet Coder is an attachment to a packaging machine which marks the package by jetting ink in a pre-determined pattern as it passes in front of a jet activated by a sensor at a fixed point in the packaging line. The position of this printing head and the sensor ensure the code is placed on the correct part of the package as it passes.
Drop-On-Demand Coders: An attachment which prints the characters on the package by jetting ink from a matrix of nozzles usually for larger characters on porous materials such as corrugated outer cases, sacks.
Continuous Stream InkJet Coders: An attachment which applies characters by means of a non-contact stream of electro-statically charged droplets of ink. Typical applications are wet or uneven surfaces, or where a code is applied directly to the product, such as cheese or fruit.

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