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How to choose the packages: FFS(form fill seal) or doypack(pre-made pouch)

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If you fill more than severa l hundred thousand bags per year, then Form Fill Seal technology can save you money
What is Form Fill Seal?
A fully automatic low cost packing concept for dry solids, pellets, flakes, powders, crystals, fibrous materials and slurries or pastes
The bag is Formed on the bagging machine from a roll of film, immediately Filled then Sealed across the top
What types of FFS bagging machines are available?
Vertical FFS - bags made from roll of flat sheet of film
vffs flow-2
Horizontal FFS 
HFFS flow-1 HFFS flow-2
Why is FFS growing?
Because of synthesis of film & packaging machinery developments
new stronger, lighter films are less expensive
improved film sealing technology and powder handling techniques
Printing the film within the FFS machine before the bag is made provides the ability to change product or batch without loading a new roll of film
Ease and reliability of automating the bagging operation
Reduces the number of operators on the bagging line
Improves productivity owing to a dramatic increase of packing rate

Printing film within the FFS machine
VFFS-printing film

What are the advantages of FFS?
Bags made on FFS are less expensive than pre-made bags = “pay back”
Lower capital cost than fully auto machine when packing rate above 500 bags/h
Total automation - usually unattended, labour saving provides = “pay-back”
Consistent packing rate
Compact (especially the Vertical FFS)
Fast - increased production rate, reduced no. of shifts = “pay back”
Easy and quick to clean-out between production batches
Fewer moving parts - especially Vertical FFS
'Online’ film printing provides readable bar code and product info
What are the disadvantages of FFS? 
Not economical for short production runs of one bag size - below 1000 x 25 Kg bags = 25 tons
Cannot handle paper
Cannot handle multi-ply packing materials
Not economical for packing low density, aerated powders such as wheat flour, talcum powder, skimmed and whey powder at medium speeds
Cannot remove ‘trapped air’ very quickly or easily
Shape of package made by Vertical FFS  or ‘C’ type FFS not as good as valve sack
Cannot self adjust for different widths of bag (but changing length is very easy on Horizontal and Vertical FFS machines)

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